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#puma #pumars-toys #black #blue #atoll #size45 #man #herren #sneacker #rsxtoys #dadsneaker #rsx #atoll #80s #90s
Puma RS-X Toys Black-Blue Atoll - Size 45
30,00 €
Accessories like these never looked so cool! #earring #hoops #silver #tribal #ohrring #silber #damen #woman #acessories #jewellery #sch...
Metal Saber Tooth Earrings
18,00 €
Sexy and cool midi dress. Made with elastic fabric can fits S/M sizes. It has a slide fastener in its cleavage that can use open. Here is...
Black Midi Dress "My Favourite Thing(s)"
18,00 €
S / 36 / 8
This ring has a strong had lion. For everyone that wants to look powerful. Here is a piece by Mariana Dias brand (from Brazil). This ring...
Exclusive Lion Ring (fits all sizes / unisex)
28,00 €
Beautiful dust jacket made of elastic fabric. It has a loose shape and can be wear like a dress or open above the other clothes. Fits XS ...
Animal Print Dust Jacket. Staumäntel.
19,99 €
M / 38 / 10
These shorts are perfect for the summer. #shorts #jeansshorts #jeans #denim #blue #marineblau #braziliandesign
Summer Denin Jeansshorts
4,00 €
S / 36 / 8
Sporty style top cropped with a colorful print on the front and details with mustard piping. #top #topcropped #cropped #bauchfreietops #...
Vintage Top Cropped "SPACE"
4,00 €
S / 36 / 8
Denim shorts with a skirt over it. These shorts are so cool and perfect for the summer. #shorts #jeans #denim #blue #marineblau #damen #...
Denim shorts ZARA
9,00 €
S / 36 / 8
An audacious shirt for an impactful woman! #shirt #shirts #topshop #weiss #white #woman #dammen #cool #fashion #trend
Topshop Shirt "Eat My Dust"
12,00 €
S / 36 / 8
There is no doubt that this top has a sexy and relaxed look. This piece is perfect for evening looks. #top #topcropped #cropped #bauchf...
Vintage Black Top Cropped 80's
5,99 €
S / 36 / 8
#oakley #cap #käppis #man #herren #woman #damen #unisex #colourful #style #street style One size (adjustable)
Colourful Cap Oakley Factory Pilot
17,00 €
This necklace will easily be the center of attention in any outfit. After all, the reason to add a statement necklace to our outfits is t...
Exclusive Amazing Statement Necklace
62,00 €
Take your personality to the next level with this denim vest. It is perfect for making a wide variety of looks. You can use to go out in ...
Denim Vest with Gorgeous Embroidered Chains
47,00 €
S / 36 / 8
This beautiful piece is made with rectangular metals set with crystals. It is a sophisticated accessory that delights even the most deman...
Exclusive Sophisticated Long Necklace
32,00 €
These pieces have a pendant set with crystals and delicate Groumet chains. Its design lengthens the silhouette. Piece by Mariana Dias bra...
Exclusive Earrings with Pendant
28,00 €
This necklace has a delicate and trendy design. This style is great to be worn with V-necks or open necklines so you can accessorise your...
Exclusive Pendant Necklace
30,00 €
This stunning piece has a beautiful construction, its trendy design matches every outfits and occasion. Piece by Mariana Dias brand (from...
Exclusive Choker with Pendent
37,00 €
These statement pieces have a feminine and trendy design that makes your look more glam. You can wear them on any occasion with any of yo...
Exclusive Statement Earrings
32,00 €
Wear it with your favorite everyday look and brake the monotony. It has a mix of chains e "black diamonds" crystals. Piece by Mariana Dia...
Exclusive Statement Necklace
45,00 €
Rare clip-on earrings, ônix color. They have small scratches, however, they don't make the pieces lose their beauty. They came from a fle...
True Vintage Clip On Earrings 80'S style
3,00 €
Rare clip-on earrings, gold color with blue details. They came from a flea market in Brazil. #vintage #80style #80's #vintageearrings #e...
True Vintage Clip-On Earrings 80'S style
5,00 €
Perfect for strong people this wonderful necklace has a strong chain and a powerful had lion pendant. Here is a piece by Mariana Dias bra...
Exclusive Lion Necklace
36,00 €
Sporty style cropped T-shirt with the empowering phrase. Especially for the powerful women. This is made with camouflage printed velvet a...
Velvet Cropped T-shirt "A nation that trusts its rights"
12,99 €
S / 36 / 8
Sporty style mini skirt with elastic waistband and drawstring. This is made with camouflage print velvet and has a gorgeous grosgrain. Pi...
Velvet Mini Skirt
14,99 €
S / 36 / 8
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Handtasche Umhängetasche schwarz
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No Name| Handtasche
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Kaum getragen
Irland Tasche  mucros irische Tasche tweed
15,00 €
Kaum getragen. In Spanien gekauft
Boho Handtasche geflochten
10,00 €
habe sie für ca 100,- bei einer Designerin in Kroatien gekauft. es passen DinA4 Unterlagen rein.
Tasche von Designerin aus Kroatien
50,00 €
• no name • Ein Fach für Artikel
4,00 €
super Zustand
40,00 €
cremefarbene kleine Tasche.
Kleine Tasche
3,00 €
bei Interesse gerne eine Nachricht schicken☺️ wurde nur einmal getragen. Ist wie neu
Kleine Rote Tasche mit Steinchen
10,00 €
Umhängetasche die auch als Handwärmer dient.
Handtasche & Handwärmer
2,00 €
weiße Blogger Tasche NEU! mit Etikett! für Photos bitte Schreiben!! #bloggerstyle #blogger #bloggertadche #fashion #weiß #zara #bershka...
Weiße Blogger Tasche
50,00 €
schwarze Umhängetasche mit goldenen Details unbenutzt mit Etikett
Schwarze Umhängetasche
10,00 €
Neu !!
Kleine Umhängetasche NEU
6,00 €
Mehr Infos und Bilder gern bei Anfrage
Coole lange Hippie-Umhängetasche in Grün-Lila-Tönen und Peace-Zeichen
5,00 €
Mehr Infos oder Bilder gern bei Anfrage
 Coole lange Hippie-Tasche min Rosa-Blautönen und Blumenmustern
5,00 €
Bitte NICHT gleich auf den Kaufbutton drücken, sondern vorher anfragen, ob der Artikel noch vorhanden ist !!!!! *Versand je nach Wunsch,...
Tasche, weiß, klein
5,00 €
Bei Fragen bitte melden :) leider ist die eine Lasche abgerissen, kann aber wieder angenäht werden Kunstleder
Braune Tasche
7,00 €
Sind neu gemachte Taschen :) Wer interesse hat bitte melden :)
Selbst gemachte Taschen
55,00 €
Handtasche türkis mit Nieten
Handtasche Nieten
5,00 €

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